Shipping & Returns

order, delivery and returns

you can browse as desired by Thomas Sabo and order directly online. We offer the high quality goods, two payment options to choose from as well as a fast and free delivery.

order and delivery

Our online shop offer you the variety of Thomas Sabo shoes of your choice. You put the items into cart and proceed to checkout. Like home, only more convenient.
 You must determine the delivery address in advance. We deliver free of charge, normally within 3-5 working days. And you can return or exchange the goods if things do not fit.
 When you select an item, place it in your shopping cart. You always have the option to go directly to the checkout to continue shopping, change your selection to the cart or.
 Are you satisfied with the contents of your cart, click "Checkout". For the processing of your order, we ask you to provide your billing information, shipping information and desired payment method. Do you want delivery to a different address, you can specify this directly.
 Prior to completion of your order, we summarize information for you to check together again. If everything is correct, simply click on "Order" and within the next 3-5 business days you will receive your delivery. Your confirmation will be sent to you directly by email. If you do not receive an order confirmation by e-mail, please notify our Customer Support contact @. We are ready to help you round the clock.
 You can shop at any time at our Thomas Sabo and after the order confirmation, the delivery takes place. But we do not accept phone orders.


matter how many items you in our Thomas Sabo order, regardless of the amount of the order, delivery within Germany is free. In addition to the purchase price you do not need to pay the additional fees. If you are required to pay the additional fees, please contact us to confirm the problem.


delivery of your order on the shipping company DHL. Usually the shipment within 3-5 business days you will be sent. Please take into account that weekends and holidays must be added.
 Please note that your information (especially shipping address, phone number and email address) of the order are absolutely precise and concrete. If the goods are not in stock, we will inform you by email, so that you cancel or exchange the goods. While DHL delivers you your shipment, you are not at home, DHL can contact you by phone or we will notify you via email. Without phone number DHL probably not contacted you.


Now we only accept payment by credit card or Paypal.

payment by credit card

Pay simply and easily by credit card. We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express for payment information need as your credit card number, expiration date, and card verification. For MasterCard and Visa is the 3-digit card verification, on the back of your credit card.
 For American Express, the check digit is printed on the front, above the card number and consists of four digits. In the case of a return the corresponding value, your credit card will be credited back immediately.